• WARM 2 is the new Cassandra environment to run rice simulations
Product Manager: Roberto Confalonieri


  • ISIde is an application for district-specific in silico ideotyping studies
Product Manager: Livia Paleari


  • SISSI implements the visual jackknife method for optimal sample size determination
Product Manager: Roberto Confalonieri


  • CropML is a framework-independent component implementing a variety of approaches for crop growth
Product Manager: Roberto Confalonieri


  • A software component to simulate plant-pathogen interactions
Product Manager: Marco Foi


  • A software library implementing different approaches for soil hydrology simulation
Product Manager: Marco Foi


  • PocketLAI is the first mobile app for leaf area index (LAI) estimates
Product Manager: Roberto Confalonieri


  • A mobile app for optimal sample size determination based on the visual jackknife method
Product Manager: Roberto Confalonieri


  • Smart app for the estimation of plant nitrogen content
Product Manager: Roberto Confalonieri

2016 - Environ Modell Soft

  • Uncertainty in crop model predictions: What is the role of users?
Confalonieri et al.

2017 - Glob Change Biol

  • Surfing parameter hyperspaces under climate change scenarios to design future rice ideotypes.
Paleari et al.

2016 - Ecol. Model.

  • Quantifying uncertainty in crop model predictions due to the uncertainty in the observations used for calibration.
Confalonieri et al.

2014 - Ecol Model

  • CoSMo: a simple approach for reproducing plant community dynamics using a single instance of generic crop simulators.
Confalonieri, R.