Evaluation of climate change impact on crop productions in Lombardy and identification of adaptation strategies

During the project, (i) modelling solutions were built for the evaluation of climate change impact on quantitative and qualitative aspects of rice, wheat and maize productions, (ii) adaptation strategies were identified based on changing the sowing windows, using different genotypes and more efficient irrigation techniques, (iii) alternative cropping systems were identified to preserve the structure of the six most important cereal-livestock farm types in the Lombardy region.

2015 - Biomass & Bioenergy, 80, 85-93
Are advantages from partial replacement of corn with second generation energy crops undermined by climate change? A case study for giant reed in Northern Italy
Cappelli, G., Yamaç, S.S., Stella, T., Francone, C., Paleari, L., Negri, M., Confalonieri, R.