Fosco Mattia Vesely

Fosco Mattia Vesely
Research activities of Fosco M. Vesely are linked to geographic scale phenomena.
He is involved in projects focusing on (i) climatic - weather-crop interaction analysis and effects of uncertainty of weather series on biophysical models outputs - and (ii) spatial variability - explicit spatial analysis of simulated and observed variables.
He supports research projects dealing with data science, recurring - if needed - to Artificial Intelligence, PSO optimization, Bayesian approaches.
He is also involved in the development of index based insurance products for winter cereal and Tomato.

2019 - Scientific Reports, 9, 9258
Quantifying uncertainty due to stochastic weather generators in climate change impact studies
Vesely, F.M., Paleari, L., Movedi, E., Bellocchi, G., Confalonieri, R.

2019 - Ecological Modelling, 401, 111-128
Development of generic crop models for simulation of multi-species plant communities in mown grasslands.
Movedi, E., Bellocchi, G., Argenti, G., Paleari, L., Vesely, F.M., Staglianò, N., Dibari, C., Confalonieri, R.

2019 - Sensors, 19, 981
Estimating crop nutritional status using smart apps to support nitrogen fertilization. A case study on paddy rice.
Paleari, L., Movedi, E., Vesely, F.M., Thoelke, W., Tartarini, S., Foi, M., Boschetti, M., Nutini, F., Confalonieri, R.

2019 - Catena, 175, 110-122
A simple pipeline for the assessment of legacy soil datasets: An example and test with soil organic carbon from a highly variable area.
Schillaci, C., Acutis, M., Vesely, F., Saia, S.

2017 - Biosystems Engineering, 164, 1-12.
PocketPlant3D: Analysing canopy structure using a smartphone.
Confalonieri, R., Paleari, L., Foi, M., Movedi, E., Vesely, F.M., Thoelke, W., Agape, C., Borlini, G., Ferri, I., Massara, F., Motta, R., Ravasi, R.A., Tartarini, S. ... Rossini, L.