Forcing is a component for the assimilation of exogenous information in simulation models. Currently it includes algorithms for the periodic update of model state variables based on exogenous leaf area index (LAI) or NDVI data, as well as for automatic parameter optimization based on the simplex method and on the use of exogenous LAI data for the calculation of the value of an objective function.

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2019 - European Journal of Agronomy, 103, 108-116
Downscaling rice yield simulation at sub-field scale using remotely sensed LAI data.
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2019 - Agricultural Systems, 168, 181-190
A high-resolution, integrated system for rice yield forecasting at district level.
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2017 - IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing, 10, 5423-5441.
Downstream services for rice crop monitoring in Europe: from regional to local scale.
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