Diseases is a software component implementing models to estimate the impacts of disease epidemics on plant growth and yield. It consists of four modules providing a generic frame to simulate disease development: disease progress, inoculum pressure (initial conditions), impacts on plants, and agricultural management impact on pathogen populations. Contrarily to Blast (specific for rice blast disease), the models implemented in Diseases can be parameterized/extended for potentially all diseases, regardless they refer to herbaceous or tree species.

The component is distributed free of charge for non-commercial purposes with a dedicated software development kit (SDK), and can be used by modellers and developers in their own applications. SDK includes code and algorithms documentations and sample projects illustrating how to use Diseases and to link it to other components for, e.g., crop growth and development.

Product Manager: Marco Foi
Online Code doc: http://download.cassandralab.com/diseases/diseases_codedoc/Diseases_codedoc.html
Online Help: http://download.cassandralab.com/diseases/diseases_help/Abstract.html
Application file: request a download link providing your email below.

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2015 - Climatic Change, 132, 661-675
District specific, in silico evaluation of rice ideotypes improved for resistance/tolerance traits to biotic and abiotic stressors under climate change scenarios.
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