PocketLAI is the first mobile app for leaf area index (LAI) estimates.
The app uses the smartphone (or tablet) camera and accelerometer to automatically acquire images at 57.5° below the canopy while the user is rotating the device along its main axes. Images are processed using an internal, completely unsupervised segmentation algorithm to derive the gap fraction and, in turn, LAI. An app for optimal sample size determination (PocketVJ) is also available that, if installed, is integrated in the PocketLAI workflow.
PocketLAI was successfully evaluated for paddy rice canopies against data obtained with direct (planimetric) measurements, and results were fully consistent with those provided by commercial instruments (i.e., LAI-2000 and AccuPAR ceptometer) in terms of trueness, repeatability and reproducibility (Confalonieri et al., 2013). A second test was performed on canopies (maize, giant reed, natural grassland) markedly deviating from the ideal assumption behind the simplified model for light transmittance into the canopy implemented in the app (i.e., random distribution of infinitely small leaves), providing even in this case satisfying results (Francone et al., 2014). Good results were also achieved for broadleaf bush and tree canopies in continuous forest stands, orchards and sparse vegetation (Orlando et al., 2015).

Product Manager: Roberto Confalonieri

2016 - Remote Sensing, 8, 202-17
Multitemporal monitoring of plant area index in the Valencia rice district with PocketLAI.
Campos-Taberner, M., García-Haro, J., Confalonieri, R., Martínez, B., Moreno, Á., Sánchez-Ruiz, S., Gilabert, M.A., Camacho, F., Boschetti, M., Busetto, L.

2015 - Applied Vegetation Science, in press
Estimating leaf area index in tree species using the PocketLAI smart app
Orlando, F., Movedi, E., Paleari, L., Gilardelli, C., Foi, M., Dell'Oro, M., Confalonieri, R.

2014 - Field Crops Research, 155, 38-41
Comparison of leaf area index estimates by ceptometer and PocketLAI smart app in canopies with different structures.
Francone, C., Pagani, V., Foi, M., Cappelli, G., Confalonieri, R.

2013 - Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 96, 67-74
Development of an app for estimating leaf area index using a smartphone. Trueness and precision determination and comparison with other indirect methods.
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University of Queensland
University of Florence
Universitat de Valencia
Politecnico di Milano
International Rice Research Institute
Hellenic Agricultural Organization "DEMETER"
Ferrero S.p.A.
CSIRO Land & Water
CNR - Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche
Allianz SE Reinsurance
Macquarie University
Beijing Normal University

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