An extensible model library for generating wind speed data.

2009 - Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 69, 165-170
Donatelli, M., Bellocchi, G., Habyarimana, E., Confalonieri, R., Micale, F.


Wind is a library providing a collection of stochastic approaches to generate wind speed data on daily and hourly time steps. Daily generation refers to as mean, maximum and minimum daily wind speed. The library is made available as software component, inclusive of hypertext help file, allowing the development of language-independent clients under Windows operating systems. The component includes advanced features for re-use in custom developed applications, and it allows independent extensions by third parties without requiring its re-compilation. Illustrative examples on how to extend and re-use the library are provided as C# code projects.

Keywords: Model re-use, software component, weather generation, wind
DOI: 10.1016/j.compag.2009.07.022