Development of an Adapter to run the APES Modelling Solutions into the BioMA Framework modular platform

The project aimed at developing BioMA adapters to run the modelling solutions APES-One and APES-WARM. APES-One (generic crop simulator) includes the components CropML (crop growth and development; CropSyst model used), SoilW (soil hydrology), SoilT (soil temperature), SoilRE (soil runoff erosion), AbioticDamage (extreme weather events), Diseases (plant-pathogen interactions), Agrochemicals (chemicals fate), Agromanagement. APES-WARM (rice specific) includes CropML (WARM model used), Blast (blast disease), SoilW, SoilT, SoilRE, AbioticDamage, Agromanagement.

European Commission Joint Research Centre