Riccardo Alberto Ravasi

Riccardo Alberto Ravasi
Main research lines of Riccardo Alberto Ravasi focus on the study of climate change impacts on cropping system productivity and in-silico definition of ideotypes adapted to projected climatic scenarios.
Other activities are related with the use of innovative techniques for phenotyping and with the use of crop models to analyse agro-climatic conditions for site-specific varietal recommendation. 

2017 - Biosystems Engineering, 164, 1-12.
PocketPlant3D: Analysing canopy structure using a smartphone.
Confalonieri, R., Paleari, L., Foi, M., Movedi, E., Vesely, F.M., Thoelke, W., Agape, C., Borlini, G., Ferri, I., Massara, F., Motta, R., Ravasi, R.A., Tartarini, S. ... Rossini, L.