A smartphone application to collect information on crop status at field scale
Agro-ecological Model for Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Agricultural Systems
Agro-phenological database for CGMS
An irrigation efficiency program addressing water scarcity through a systems approach to water management
Analysis and evaluation of models assessing preharvest quality for CGMS crops
Cd-free fertilizers on rice crops
Crop Monitoring as an E-agriculture tool in developing countries
Development of a version of PocketLAI to be integrated with IRRI technologies for rice monitoring
Development of an Adapter to run the APES Modelling Solutions into the BioMA Framework modular platform
Development of an expert system for supporting hazelnut management
ERMES: An Earth obseRvation Model based RicE information Service
Evaluation of climate change impact on crop productions in Lombardy and identification of adaptation strategies
Extention of the Hazel model for management support
Integrated genetic and genomic approaches for new Italian rice breeding strategies
MODelling vegetation response to EXTREMe Events
Modifying canopy architecture and photosynthesis to maximize barley biomass and yield for different end-uses (BarPLUS)
Modular platform for plant modelling: the WOFOST modelling approach implementation in the CropML component
Precision agriculture to optimize the management of water, fertilizers and pesticides
Scenario integrated assessment for sustainable rice production systems. Exploring plausible, probable and possible futures for sustainable rice produc
Simulation of the impact of phenomena involved with evolution, co-evolution and migration of weeds, pathogens and insects on rice productions